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Each Anatomy of a Picture Book entry will take an in depth look at the substructure of the story. Encouraging children to enjoy books and dive into reading books themselves is a worthy goal, but sometimes daunting. Parents do not need to be overwhelmed. The process is inherent in reading aloud. Anatomy of a Picture Book will show parents the complex learning that is going on within a child’s brain while a book is shared.

First and foremost, a book should be enjoyed, just as a delightful time of shared satisfaction.

Many people find story time to be a bonding time between adult and child. This experience should be fun! After all, we are trying to instill a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction in reading.

But as a parent reads and rereads and re-rereads a child’s favorite book, learning opportunities arise outside of the simple boundaries of a tale told well.

Through examining the Anatomy of a Picture Book, parents will become aware of the mechanics that are being laid for the emerging reader. But these things are best done subliminally. There is no need to focus on what’s happening to expand the child’s brain. It will happen whether or not the adult reader is aware. But it is nice (and rewarding) to know those hours with a book in your hand and a child in your lap is solidifying a future of the best kind of bookishness.

Anatomy of The Dragon & the Turtle, part 1     Check back later for more books as they become available!


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