Orangey, Squishy Bugs

Squishy Bugs

Body & Legs:
Jellied orange slices
Melting chocolate (almond bark)
Chow Mein noodles

For Eyes: (choose one kind per bug)
Large sprinkles
Yogurt covered raisins (cut in half)
Small cinnamon candy (e.g. Red Hots)
Small jelly beans (cut in half)

Crushed pretzels
Crushed vanilla wafers
Finely chopped nuts
Small sprinkles

Melt chocolate. (We used three squares of almond bark.) Poke a skewer into the thick side of orange candy. This will be the bottom of the bug, so it won't show. Coat the top of the bug with chocolate.

Squishy Bugs Illustration

Stick halved-yogurt covered raisins, cut side down, for eyes. Use six chow mein noodles to make legs. Dab a toothpick into chocolate, then add pupil to candy eyes.

Optional: Before putting on the eyes and legs, dip chocolate covered orange slice in one of the coatings suggested under optional. You will have to dip the legs and eyes in the chocolate to get them to stick over the coating.

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